Chocolate activities

Through Belcolade, we are known as the leading producer of superior Belgian chocolate. Of course, our range is much wider, and includes classical couverture chocolate, compounds, creams and nut fillings.

Our product range

Belcolade Belgian couverture chocolate
Couverture chocolate
Compound coatings
Cocoa and Nut-based fillings

Belcolade is a major international chocolate manufacturer for the professional market, producing top quality Belgian couverture chocolate. Belcolade people are passionate about chocolate and addicted to quality.

Belcolade is the sole Belgian-owned company manufacturing real Belgian chocolate.  We produce a wide range of varieties in the true tradition of Belgian chocolate craftsmanship.
guarantee top quality products due to the selection of first class ingredients, state-of-the-art technology in the production and qualitative packaging with long shelf-life guarantee.
Belcolade has been awarded for the highest quality standards, such as BRC/EFSIS and HACCP. We aim for a strong flexibility towards our customers by not only developing complete and integrated solutions  for them  but also a worldwide availability of the real Belgian Chocolate through a strong global distribution network.
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