For more than 90 years, Puratos have been helping bakers', patissiers' and chocolatiers' customers to develop their businesses.
Today, Puratos is one of the largest global groups in its sector.

Its ingredients are sold in more than 100 countries under the Puratos, Belcolade and PatisFrance brands.
Puratos goal is to give its customers absolute peace of mind. And thanks to its global presence and its understanding of different cultures, it also aims to be a source of creativity and new ideas.
To help our customers grow their businesses in harmony with consumer expectations, Puratos have developed research and marketing programmes supported by in-depth research.
These pay particular attention to the flavor of finished products by sensorial analysis. They also attach great importance to the well-being of consumers by offering them products with nutritional benefits that have a positive influence on their health.

Bakery activities

Puratos develops, produces and delivers the whole range of ingredients and semi-finished products, from emulsifiers, enzymes, sourdoughs and yeasts to bread improvers and mixes.

Product range

- Bread improvers
- Improvers for frozen bakery products
- Flavours & sourdough
- Specialty bread mixes
- O-tentic
- Enzymes

Patisserie activities

Puratos can offer a wide range of products, recipes and ideas for the patisserie trade. We can combine them into concepts to help you further seduce your customers.

Our key patisserie strengths

Passion for the patisserie profession
International consumer insights
Total ingredient range covering all elements of patisserie
In-depth ingredient and process knowledge
Mastering of interactions between base, filling and finishing
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