Mix in powder form for Florentine and Beenest

Method for florentine

Mix 200g Florex with 100-150g sliced almonds. Cover baking tray with rice paper. Pour the mix in the baking tray. Baking temperature: 200°C during 10 to 12 minutes.

Method for beenest

Place a layer of risen dough on a baking tray. Prick and wet. For a baking tray of 50 x 80 cm, sprinkle the layer of risen dough with 200g sliced almonds. Spray with water and then sprinkle with 400g Florex. Baking temperature: 180°C during 10 to 12 minutes.


glucose syrop - sugar - refined vegetable oil – dextrose - whole milk powder - emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322)

Store in a dry place between 5 and 25 °C.
Properly close the packaging after each use.
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