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Floor-to-Ceiling- You can hold a 4 lb medicine ball or a single dumbbell with both hands. Hold the weight in front of your heart. Tip over at the hip to bring the ball toward the floor - until you feel chronic pain a stretch in the back of your legs, Keep your spine straight the whole time - NO hunching. Push your feet into the floor, bringing your torso back upright, also bringing the ball to your chest. Once stable and standing tall, slowly push the ball over head.

Dr. Robert S. Bray Jr. was able to remove a "huge fragment" from her back during the operation at the D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Center in Marina del Rey, Calif. The operation was successful and the actress can do pilates, dance and anything else she wants to do.

Heat or cold. If you suffer from chronic neck/Cervical pain or simply have a stiff neck applying heat may relax the muscles and relieve the pain. If you find that heat does not bring you relief then a cold compress may well do the trick or try alternating heat and cold..

One very common type of these is body pillows. These are made according to the body size of the customer. This is very comfortable and is more often used during pregnancy. This also gives a lot of support to the spinal cord. This is often called the maternity pillow. Another type of this the bolster pillow. It is cylindrical in shape and is used for decoration. This is often called neck roll or tube pillow. The size of this may vary based upon single bed or double bed. The European ones are also very famous. These are rectangular in shape like the ordinary ones. This provides ultimate ease to the users.

Grey's story became even more inspiring to many when it was discovered that on November 21 -- otherwise known as the eve of the finale -- she had suffered a Ruptured disc during the first part of the "Dancing" finale. She continued on to perform one final time the following day, and ended up beating Kyle Massey for the Mirrorball Trophy.

Use good posture. When you stand or walk, keep your shoulders back and down, your chin back, and your belly in. This will help support your lower back.

Proper exercise can help relieve lower Back pain. There are back exercises that can be applied to treat the hurting. Make sure not to exert more pressure because it can aggravate the pain in the back.

Sounds a bit fancy, doesn't it, but actually it's quite simple. What this says is the way something is put together affects the things it can do. For a good example of this let's look at a ball. If a ball was not a sphere then it would not be able to roll, even if a small part of it was made with a flat edge the way it rolls and moves would change.

There's a neck pillow that's of Japanese origin and has gained a lot of popularity among neck pain sufferers. This type of pillow is made of cloth and uses rice as the filling. The pillow can be warmed in the microwave. The loose rice filling allows the pillow to be draped around your neck, conforming perfectly to your skin surface. The warmth further eases those stiff, aching muscles. You can also use this type of neck pillow while lying down or sleeping. If you sew, you can easily make this pillow yourself.
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